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Veterinary Science

With 25 small and large animal vet clinics between Corvallis and Missoula this course allows students to better grasp general concepts employed in the animal science industry. This class provides an in-depth look at different animal organ systems, animal illness/injury, and vet technician practicums. Through an inquiry based, hands on approach students will be more prepared for careers such as vet tech, farm manager, research assistant, or veterinarian. Perhaps this class will give students an advantage in their first few years of undergrad as they compete for a coveted spot in vet school. 

Upcoming Projects/Lessons

May 15, 2018

Vet Science Video Assignment

Your assignment is to create a video.  This video can be simply recorded on a phone or any electronic device without any editing.


 You can use any ONE of these topics:

  • Trends in agriculture

  • Physiology (internal systems)

  • Basic Genetics

  • Digestion

  • Reproduction

  • Animal Welfare/Rights

  • Animal Behavior

  • Breeds (break into the species – cover one completely)

  • Disease



  • Six minute length movie for student viewing

  • Must demonstrate a clear topic

  • Must demonstrate a clear objective

  • Include any needed materials

  • Include any step-by-step activities for presenting the topic

  • Include a way to check for understanding (activity, worksheet, webquest)


Items you should include:

  • Sound – voice-over any written text

  • Video clips that are pertinent

  • Pictures (use full-size image)

  • Music if not utilizing voice-over a picture

  • Humor/entertainment – don’t be boring, you got to pick the topic!


So, where do you start?

  1. Select your topic – needs to be something we covered in class.

  2. Determine what you want the students to learn – select a main idea.

  3. What is the most important idea to communicate?

  4. What do you want them to understand and go home and tell the family during dinner?


Steps in your plan

  1. Find out what they know – ask a basic question they may know, then ask a question related to your topic.

  2. Use that question to then introduce your subject.

  3. Illustrate what you know.

  4. Provide a real example that relates to the student.

  5. Ask 2-3 review questions for understanding – (give time for them to write the answer, and then give the answers when finished) must relate to info that you covered.

  6. Quickly recap what you shared.

What you will turn in:


Materials list

Assessment of students


Due at the end of your class on Friday, May 25.  No exceptions. 

April 03, 2018

Animal Handling Unit

During this unit, we will investigate animal handling.  Students we use the research prepared by Temple Grandin to design an animal handling facility.  We started the unit with discussing a flight zone and point of balance.  These are two terms to start the setup of a facility.


For this project you are to design a specific facility.

Use the following link to guide your designs and as well as looking at YouTube video.

January 25, 2017

Career Profile Assignment

Using the website students will complete a career profile poster board.   There can only be one profile poster board done per career. Students can signup for the career choice from the Animal Systems, Biotechnology or Agribusiness Systems careers using the link below.

After selecting their preferred career they must complete the handout for assignment.  Upon finishing the handout students can create their poster board.  Students are free to be as creative as they want with the poster board but all information must be represented.

To get full credit for this assignment you must complete the following steps in order:

1. Open Career Selection Document and

2. Select a career from the Food Products and Processing Systems or Agribusiness Systems

2a. Your career selection can not already be chosen by another student

3. Complete the Career Profile handout (this will be the first grade of the quarter)

4. Create an attractive poster board representing all the information from the handout. 

January 31, 2018

Identification of Breeds and Species

Students are required to complete a minimum of one side of the breed/species list.



Each slide should have at least one picture of the breed and then three physical characteristics and 3 breed characteristics.

September 08, 2017

Setting up AET and FFA account and Remind

The only required part of the FFA for the this course is setting up your FFA profile and account.  

Your account is part of the sub plans that I have for the class.  Students are expected to the working in their MyJourney choice boards when there is a sub.  

During today's class we will set up those account and record login information in notebooks.

There is also a Remind class setup for the communicating important class information for both parents and students.

  • B4 - Send @6669364 to 81010

September 06, 2017

Class Syllabus

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Past Student Projects

Past Student Projects

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