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Bozeman, MT


Remembering JDAE '21
Watch the film below:

John Deere Ag Expo, also commonly known as JDAE, John Deere, or Ag Expo, is the first "big" event of the FFA year.  Students are encourage to participate in as many different events as they comfortably do.  Most of the contest are paired down to fit a tight schedule or simplified to satisfy the limited prep time that students have in the start of the school year.  

If you are interested in attending JDAE, signup in Miss Andres classroom. After you sign up to compete, look through the individual contest signup sheets and determine which contests you are interested in participating in.  It is from the these sheets that Miss Andres will put our chapter's registration together.  Feel free to signup for as many different contests as you would like.  However, you must sign up for a minimum of three contests to justify taking you out of two days of school.  

The cost of JDAE is roughly $30 per student, paid by means of fundraising, Miss Andres. classroom budget, and personal checks.  

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