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  • School Eligibility Policy

    • A GPA below 70.0% or are failing two core classes.​

  • Failing to meet eligibility​, will disqualify an FFA member from being able to attend FFA events during specific times of the year.

    • First FFA season ends after JDAE​

    • Second FFA season ends on March 10th

    • Third FFA season ends on Memorial Day Weekend

  • Students are not allowed to have unexcused absences or tardies

  • Students that have missed more than 10 class period absences in the week prior ​. The following exceptions apply​​:

    • Family Emergencies are automatic exceptions​

    • School related absences do not count toward the absences

  • If a student has any pending disciplinary issues they must have Mrs. Knapp or Mr. Tucker's approval to travel

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