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Introduction to Agriculture

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Geared towards Freshman and other students interested in exploring concepts in agriculture this class will provide a survey of agriculture topics including basics in livestock evaluation, natural resources and wildlife management, floral design, hydraulics and an introduction to the National FFA organization.

Upcoming Projects/Lessons

May 17, 2018

4th Quarter Video Project

Your assignment is to create a video.  This video can be simply recorded on a phone or any electronic device without any editing being a requirement.


 You can use any covered or not covered during this class, it just must relate to agriculture in some way.


  • Six minute length movie for student viewing

  • Must demonstrate a clear topic

  • Must demonstrate a clear objective

  • Include any needed materials

  • Include any step-by-step activities for presenting the topic

  • Include a way to check for understanding (activity, worksheet, webquest)

Items you should include:

  • Sound – voice-over any written text

  • Video clips that are pertinent

  • Pictures (use full-size image)

  • Music if not utilizing voice-over a picture

  • Humor/entertainment – don’t be boring, you got to pick the topic!


So, where do you start?

  1. Select your topic – needs to be something we covered in class.

  2. Determine what you want the students to learn – select a main idea.

  3. What is the most important idea to communicate?

  4. What do you want them to understand and go home and tell the family during dinner?


Steps in your plan

  1. Find out what they know – ask a basic question they may know, then ask a question related to your topic.

  2. Use that question to then introduce your subject.

  3. Illustrate what you know.

  4. Provide a real example that relates to the student.

  5. Ask 2-3 review questions for understanding – (give time for them to write the answer, and then give the answers when finished) must relate to info that you covered.

  6. Quickly recap what you shared.

What you will turn in:


Materials list

Assessment of students


Due at the end of your class on Friday, May 25.

April 23, 2018

Veterinary Science Contest Prep

Today we are going to going over the rubrics for the Veterinary Science CDE


Use the link below to prepare for the various different clinical procedures.  Discuss in class how to properly complete each task and review the rubrics.

April 05, 2018


If you are not finished with your modeling project, then you need to finish it.   


You will need to get a chromebook from Mr. Hammill to complete the next part.   Prepare a visually appealing poster using the following headings (complete up to three main points)

  • How is your product harvested

  • What are three "pests" that effect the value of your crop

  • What practices are used to increase value for your commodity​

January 11, 2018

Semester Project

Your semester project will entail a communications project.  The project is to "communicate a message."  This past semester we have addresses the role CTE plays in a students education, why is agriculture important, what issues exist in the agriculture industry, food science, and floral design.  


What it means to communicate a message:

  • Types of presentations

    • poster

    • presentation

    • video

  • Intended audience

    • Students

    • etc

  • Visually appealing

  • Message is relevant ​

December 12, 2017


We have started doing some floral design.  We started with making wreaths and will continue with making Christmas centerpieces.  Additionally, we will make boutonnieres.  


Students are will also be doing some plant identification slides over a selected list of plants.

November 13, 2017

Food Science Lesson Kickoff

Today we kicked off our Food Science Lesson.  We started with working on questions 2,3,4,10,11,12,13,15,16 on page748 in the Food Science textbook. 


The food science lesson will focus on food product development.  Today we discussed how food product trends have changed and what food products are connected to a Thanksgiving dinner.  


In groups today, students selected one food product that can be found at a Thanksgiving dinner and are challenged with developing a frozen food product that could be found in frozen food section of a grocery store.


January 01, 2020

MyJourney Plans for 11/9

Students are expected to working on their MyJourney Choice boards.  Specifically, we have been talking about SAEs and resumes.  I would encourage students to investigate or write a sample cover letter, where they would be expressing interest in job shadowing or interning for someone.  Additionally, there are some videos and resources on employability skills for students to watch.


Students are able to work on any of the other options that exist on MyJourney as well.

October 23, 2017

MyJourney Week of October 23rd

Today you are working on your MyJourney Choice Board. 


Resumes must be completed by October 30th.  If you are not able to log into your MyJourney, you are responsible for finding another template and completing it by October 30th.

If you are completed with your resume with time to spare, you can work on the classroom activity on the following link.

September 26, 2017

Defining Agricuture

Today we explored the role and responsibilities of the United States Department of Agriculture, the Montana Department of Agriculture, and Montana Department of Livestock.  If you were absent you can copy notes from a classmate.

We started our next project.  The project entails developing a hypothesis to define agriculture, determine people's perception of agriculture, or challenge the stereotypes of the agriculture.  Students are encouraged to use Google Forms to create surveys.  Through the use of these surveys, they must collect a minimum of 25 data points.  Student are also expected to explore similar research for their final project presentations when developing their conclusion.

September 22, 2017


Today we worked on the MyJourney choice boards.  

September 20, 2017


Today we will investigate how leaders influence the actions of others.  We will be starting with the Habitude #3 Pencil.  Followed with watching the following videos.  

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

September 18, 2017

What did we accomplish

Today each group is responsible for presenting the their issue to the class by nutrition break.  The presentations will be evaluated by the following criteria:

  • Was the presentation balanced?

  • Where both sides of the argument supported by research?

  • Did you do your part to help guide the group to a final product?

  • Reflection:

    • A handwritten summary.  What did your learn? Why is it important to communicate your passion for something?

September 13, 2017

Smith-Hughes Act

Today we will talk about how education was revolutionized in 1917 through the Smith-Hugh Act.  We will discuss how the Smith-Hughes act gave birth to the FFA organization.  As we enter this year's exploration of the agriculture, we need to understand where the roots that gave birth to CTE were planted and are continuing the grow.

Click Here for the Smith-Hughes Video played in class

Click Here for the FFA History Video Played in class

As you work to finish your portfolio, remember that the portfolio is what sets the stage for the importance of the issue.  The portfolio serves as a significant part of the helping educate people about how to become engaged.  If you adequate represent the entirety of the issue, you will find it less complicated to visit with people about the issue.  Ultimately, you want people to know that facts, so they can make intelligent and informed decisions in policy and discussion.

Once you are finished with your portfolio your group will need to start laying out your presentation.  I am asking that your write thoughts out, in either an outline identifying specific sentences/statements that you are intending to make.  This way each side of the presentation is adequately represented.  Each person needs to serve a speaking role.  The extent of the speaking roles needs to be fairly balanced.  When preparing your presentation it would be best to have a moderator to keep the representation of the sides balanced. This person is likely guide the discussion in the presentation by asking questions that each of the remaining group members would respond to.  Refer to slides 16-21 in the PowerPoint from class for help organizing the content of your presentation.

You will be expected to be finished and have presented your issue the class by nutrition break on Monday (9/18).  The presentations will be evaluated based on providing a more in-depth look at the information from the portfolio. 

September 12, 2017

Anaylizing Issues in Agriculture

Today in class we worked through analyzing agriculture issues. We started with defining what an issue is, determined what determines if an issue exists.  The class is split into two groups, working their respective presentations.  Each group with ultimately create a presentation that will present both sides of the issue. 

For this week each group is responsible for developing their group's portfolio.  The portfolio must be limited to 2 pages.  The portfolio must be written in complete sentences and be thorough.  There are nine assigned questions that also need to be addressed, they are as follows:

  1. Why is this issue important now?

  2. What is the nature of the issue?

  3. Who is involved in the issue?

  4. How can the issue be defined?

  5. What is the historical background of the issue?

  6. What caused the issue?

  7. What are the risks?

  8. What are the benefits?

  9. Is there strong agreement as to how the issue should be solved?

The two page portfolio must be completed by the end of class on thursday.  

September 08, 2017

Setting up AET and FFA account and Remind

The only required part of the FFA for the this course is setting up your FFA profile and account.  

Your account is part of the sub plans that I have for the class.  Students are expected to the working in their MyJourney choice boards when there is a sub.  

During today's class we will set up those account and record login information in notebooks.

There is also a Remind class setup for the communicating important class information for both parents and students.

  • A4 - Send @34f7gg to 81010

September 06, 2017

Class Syllabus

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Past Student Projects

Past Student Projects

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