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Cowpie Bingo

September 2nd, 2017 |

3:00 PM


(the fine print)

1. Persons must be 18 or older to purchase a ticket and/or win a prize.

2. Player/Ticket holder need not be present to win

3. Player/Ticket holder is responsible for all associated fees/taxes

4. No tickets will be sold after the event begins

5. For each ticket sold, the "stub" will be turned in within 2 weeks of being sold and will be recorded on the grid as sold. As well the names of ticket holders will be posted to the master grid which consists of the 100 numbered squares. The master grid will be available for viewing by request, prior to the event.

6. The actual grid area will be clearly marked with all squares being of equal shape and size and the area protected with a barrier or fence. Spectators/ticket holders must not interfere with the progress of the event.

7. At 3:00 pm on September 3rd, 2016, a cow will be led into the grid area by an appropriate handler and let free to roam within the area until a cow pie is placed on a square or the time allotment of 1 hour has expired. Upon completion of a cow pie or time allotment, the independent judges (who are not allowed to participate in the raffle) will determine the results. If there is no cow pie by 4 pm, the winner will be determined by a drawing.

8. The square containing the biggest volume of cow pie will determine the top prize winner.

9. If a cow pie lands on a square which is determined to be an “unsold” square, the winner will be the

closest “sold” grid in proximity to the cow pie.
10. Any disputes or claims must be presented to the Corvallis FFA Advisor.

11. The results or decision of the judges will be publicly posted.

12. The organization must post the “Rules” so all participants understand the conduct of the


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