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what's this?
what's this?
The Guide
The greatest document to ever live.
What it is
Planning Guide
/ˈplaniNG/ /ɡīd/
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Turns out. . .
Santa isn't the only one who likes lists.

The "Planning Guide" is the next step in the journey of an Infinite project from beginning to end. This step is where the experience and design become your own.


Want to deviate from the FFA color scheme? Check.


Thinking circle logos fit your chapter more than triangle ones? (we probably do too, so check).


Have a fun idea that fits your chapter that we haven't even thought of? Let's see if we can design it!

Think of this as a digital menu. . .
that also loves special orders.
The Upload
It's 10x better than the download.
What it is
Smallville FFA
Red + Blue Theme
Incognito Mode
Don't hide. . .
we want to see all your amazing ideas!

Uploading the planning guide is a logical next step in the life of your new Infinite experience! This allows the design team to look at your checklist and formulate a custom profile based on your needs.

Small chapter? We'll focus on brand engagement.

Big school? We'll focus on marketing to help you be a bigger fish in the pond!

In either case, after you send us your file, sit back and take a deep breath. We'll be in touch soon.

Think of this as ordering your meal. . .
except your feast is served in bits of code.
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