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Agriculture Communications, Leadership and Marketing (CLaM Class)


Agricultural Communications, Leadership, and Marketing

The scope of this course is to prepare students for leadership based careers in the agriculture industry. Focusing on the employability factor of communications, leadership, and agriculture commodity marketing , students will create projects, papers, and plans to understand relevant agriculture issues. Young agriculture leaders are so much more then "sows, cows, and plows" they are "beakers, speakers, and job seekers". The American Farm Bureau states that the average American is three generations removed from the farm. At the rapid pace of technology in agriculture, farming and ranching look very different from what took place even 10 years ago. 

If we don't tell our story, someone else will. 



December 05, 2017

Marketing in Agriscience - Textbook Lesson

Today we will be starting the textbook lesson on Marketing in Agriscience.  This is Unit 34 in the Agriscience textbook.  


The unit will be broke into two parts:

  •   Unit Notes

  • Unit Activity


Unit Notes:

All notes for this unit need to be recorded in your student notebook for class.  Students can create a set of outlined notes in their notebooks.  Additionally, students can select four major headings in the text (Bold Dark Red Text), and develop a more detailed set of notes.  


Unit Activity:

From the list of student activities list on page 723, students must complete 2 tasks out of the following six tasks:

  • List and explain the types of markets for agricultural commodities in western Montana.

  • Write a brief paper on the "best philosophy for pricing."

  • Develop an ad or other promotional plan for an agricultural commodity.

  • Build a display for retailing an agricultural commodity

  • Research the procedures used to buy and sell in the futures market.

  • Do research on one or more major international trade agreements that influence the marketing of agriscience products.

November 27, 2017

Summary of Lessons

This semester we have covered the following content with project emphasizing each component.  Now students are working towards their semester final projects.

  • Know your Target Audience

  • Know your ​Product

    • Features and Benefits

    • Unique Selling Position

    • Product Life Cycle

  • Distribution Channels and Marketing

  • SWOT

    • Internal

    • External

November 10, 2017

MyJourney Plans for 11/10

Students are expected to working on their MyJourney Choice boards.  Specifically, we have been talking about SAEs and resumes.  I would encourage students to investigate or write a sample cover letter, where they would be expressing interest in job shadowing or interning for someone.  Additionally, there are some videos and resources on employability skills for students to watch.


Students are able to work on any of the other options that exist on MyJourney as well.

January 01, 2020

Product Sales Promo Materials

Follow instructions from sub for more information.  If you finish early then you need to work on the MyJourney content in the following post.

October 23, 2017

MyJourney Week of October 23rd

Today you are working on your MyJourney Choice Board. 


Resumes must be completed by October 30th.  If you are not able to log into your MyJourney, you are responsible for finding another template and completing it by October 30th.

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